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Advertiser FAQs
What are the advertiser participation benefits?

By participating in the network, you will have an option to be selected by publishers to place your ads onto their highly-targeted and influential sites. You will setup your account just once, and will receive one invoice and submit one payment, you will ultimately be exposed to over 100 sites and will dramatically increase your reach without negotiating separate deals with every publisher individually.

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What is the cost of advertising on SharePointAds?

Currently we offer CPC (Cost Per Click) program at $4 per click. $1,000 minimum monthly budget allocation is required. Please note that you will need to commit to this minimum spend, but WILL BE ONLY CHARGED FOR CLICKS DELIVERED, regardless of the minimum.

Example: Your budget is $1,000 US; you only received 100 clicks - your bill will be $400.

We serve ads based on the first-come-first-serve basis and honor current advertisers by delivering full requirement to them first. All new advertisers will be added in order they enter a program, and will receive more as the network grows.

Note: We closely watch performance and remove any clicks generated by crawlers, repeated and fraudulent clicks, as well as clicks coming from publisher themselves. The report of actual clicks with IP addresses will be provided to you.

What are the preferred payment method and terms?

Advertisers will receive a single invoice from SharePointAds once every 30 days, and will be required to pay within 15 days. Performance report will be also sent monthly, along with the invoice. Since the payment is being passed on to publishers, extended terms are not available.  PayPal, company checks or bank transfers are accepted.

What will be required for the advertiser to setup the program?

Please contact SharePointAds at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions you may have. Once you decide to participate you will need to sign an initial agreement. Submit the contract and all creative to SharePointAds and you will be entered into the program. You will need to provide a target URL(s) for your ads. You WILL NOT need to install any tracking code on your website.

Required Ad Sizes:

  • Banners/Leaderboards/Towers: 180x150, 125x125, 250x250, 336x280, 640x96, 729x79, 160x600
  • Text Links: One-liner: 56 Characters; Two-liner (Google AdWords Specs): Line 1: 24 characters Line 2: 67 characters

Contact SharePointAds at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Are there any performance guarantees that the network can deliver?
SharePointAds cannot guarantee the exposure level you will receive. The publishers have the right to select your company/ads as well as any other vendor participant, and publishers do not sign any long-term participation agreements.
Can I control spending levels?

Yes, you can set the dollar amount you want to spend per month. Status reports will be sent monthly, along with the invoice, and we will notify you of major changes in performance (either up or down). You will have an option to change your offering or cancel the program. Since your exposure is driven by various publishers participating in the network, though you can set maximum spent for each month, we reserve the right to under-deliver by any amount or over-deliver by up to 30%.

What is the difference between SharePointAds and Google AdWords Content Search?

Google AdWords Search advertising is a very attractive model. However, its content search is a different story (many vendors exclude content search from their programs due to a very low performance and relevance). SharePointAds is the most targeted network of SharePoint-related sites. The quality of visitors to the network sites is of the highest level available.

Your ads will be displayed only on sites in our network and we ONLY accept blogs and sites with content about SharePoint. Exclusively! It is our manual selection process that delivers the most targeted value and best ROI - we do not depend on an engine to display ads based on the page content, which may be much less SharePoint-relevant then desired. This is the reason why content search ads on Google deliver such low CTR.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Over 100 SharePoint bloggers already switched to SharePointAds.com and are not participating in Google programs.

We also support all types of ads, from banners to text links.

Do advertisers have access to an online control panel?

Since we handle all as a unified network within SharePointAds, advertisers do not have access to an online control panel. Reports and invoices will be sent to advertisers by email to the designated contacts.

Can I cancel my program?

Advertisers can cancel participation in the program with a 15-day notice. This will ensure that all ads are removed from publisher sites. You are responsible for payment for the delivery of your ads within this 15 day period.

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