A Highly Targeted, SharePoint-Exclusive Advertising Network.

Publisher FAQs
Which publishers can apply to be added to the network?

SharePointAds Network accepts ONLY publishers covering SharePoint market. It is a tightly-control network which ensures maximum performance for vendors, return for publishers, and relevance for readers.

How much control over ads do publishers have?

You are in charge of selecting ads based on types of products (targeted for SharePoint IT Pros, Developers, or a mix), creative performance and your personal preference. You can change ads at any time, as often as you’d like, but we recommend using a mix of banners predefined for you in banner rotators to ensure constant supply of ads - vendors reaching maximum monthly spend will automatically be removed, and it will be completely transparent to you.

What are the publisher pay-out options?

Publishers will receive a monthly payout from SharePointAds on the Net 45 Days term - around 45 days post the month end (within 30 days of SharePointAds receiving payment from vendors). SharePointAds compensates publishers via PayPal; Check payment is available for holders of US-based bank accounts.

Why should I choose SharePointAds vs. Google AdSense?

There are many benefits, including:

  • Considerably better payout - 70% of costs paid by vendors go directly to you (not 20-30% as with Google)
  • High clicktroughs, higher CPC will deliver over 6 times more cash then with Google AdSense program
  • Choose only the most relevant ad groups for you, targeting SharePoint Developers, Administrators etc.
  • No annoying “Adwords by Google” tags (tagging with SharePointAds is optional)
  • And best of all, never show your competitor’s ads on your site.

SharePointAds Network allows you to choose only the most targeted vendors/products, relevant to your content - don’t leave up to Google engine to pick ads for you! This will ensure better content to be delivered to the targeted audience, therefore the highest conversion/click rates, hence much higher payout (in addition to substantially higher commissions).

Don't take our word for it:

"You don't have to look much farther than an 876% increase in commissions to understand that ALL SharePoint bloggers using Google Adsense should make the switch. It even went far beyond my own expectations." - Phil Wicklund

Read Phil's Google AdSense vs. SharePointAds.com Case Study and check out his numbers.

Is there a setup/joining fee publishers pay to SharePointAds?

No, setup is free. Get started instantly, upon approval (allow up to 24 hours for approval - its a manual process). You can also cancel at any time, but please let us know so that we can remove you from our communication in the timely manner.

What if the vendor won’t pay after ads delivery?

In the event that a certain vendor will not submit payment for the delivery of ads, the publisher will not be compensated for the delivery of that vendor’s ads (we can track all details per vendor). This is unlikely to happen due to the highly-influential nature of the networks’ publishers and bad publicity that can be generated from this unfortunate event.  SharePointAds may choose to submit unpaid invoices to the collection agency and you will be compensated according to the outcome after all collection fees are paid out.

Note: After over 18 month of operation, there has not been a single unpaid invoice incident. Let's hope it never will.

What happens if vendor is no longer participating in the program?

Publishers will be notified of vendor cancellation (vendor-initiated: removal required within 3 days, SharePointAds initiated: instant removal). You will be notified by email.  Within 1 day after the notice, vendor’s ads will be deactivated and replaced.


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