A Highly Targeted, SharePoint-Exclusive Advertising Network.

Get In Front of Your Most Targeted SharePoint Audience

By participating in the SharePointAds program, you will opt-in to be selected by publishers in our SharePoint Publisher Network to place your ads onto their highly-targeted and influential sites. Though only ONE account will be setup for you, and your will receive only ONE invoice and submit ONE payment, you will ultimately be exposed to over 100 SharePoint-oriented sites. This will dramatically increase your reach while controlling costs, all without the need of negotiating separate deals with every publisher individually.

Our goal is to deliver the following value to you, our advertising partner:

  • Targeted Audience
    Access to highly influential publishers in the network means more opportunity to reach your targeted audience. Our SharePoint Publisher Network delivers content to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month with over 3,000,000 impressions per month. Readers of our publishers include SharePoint developers, IT Pros, knowledge workers and SharePoint business managers.
  • Return on Investment
    SharePointAds operates on the Cost per Click (CPC) model, which is proven to be the most cost effective for advertisers. You only pay for clicks you actually get, and we monitor these clicks for fraud and repetition to make sure you get the most value (SharePointAds will require certain minimums in order to keep the program successfully running and beneficial to publishers as well as advertisers).
  • Simple Entry, Great Exposure
    SharePointAds will get your account setup in one place where you can advertise your products on many sites in our network.  Centralized detailed monthly click report, single invoice and just one payment, all ensure consolidated and simple approach to advertising.

With SharePointAds you will reach your most valuable prospects. And be assured that we are working diligently towards bringing more publishing partners to join our SharePoint Publisher Network to enable you to increase your exposure even further.

Read FAQs to learn more about the program

To join SharePointAds program and advertise on our network, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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