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What is the difference between SharePointAds and Google AdWords Content Search?

Google AdWords Search advertising is a very attractive model. However, its content search is a different story (many vendors exclude content search from their programs due to a very low performance and relevance). SharePointAds is the most targeted network of SharePoint-related sites. The quality of visitors to the network sites is of the highest level available.

Your ads will be displayed only on sites in our network and we ONLY accept blogs and sites with content about SharePoint. Exclusively! It is our manual selection process that delivers the most targeted value and best ROI - we do not depend on an engine to display ads based on the page content, which may be much less SharePoint-relevant then desired. This is the reason why content search ads on Google deliver such low CTR.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Over 100 SharePoint bloggers already switched to SharePointAds.com and are not participating in Google programs.

We also support all types of ads, from banners to text links.

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